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My sculpture was born from a strong desire to create objects; not the copy of a real object, however skilful it may be, but to give birth to the "Unique" in an object by the magic of the hands would be, it seems to me, a good definition. There is no precise will. It is by groping, seeking the "will" of the stone that the shapes appear. It is when reason ceases to create that there is creation.

My sculptures particularly celebrate women. They were created by direct cutting on cellular concrete; some have been printed in bronze.

"All in curves and voluptuousness, Isabelle Cazejust's sculptures seem to want to move, to want to live, to want their autonomy. Evoking emotion in its broadest sense, the artist's sculpture is a sculpture of life. All at times mysterious, bewitching, slender, harmonious, Isabelle Cazejust's sculpture is above all the remarkable result of the work of a true artist."

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The Thinker
$ 6,000.00 CAD