Marina Konovalova

Graphic artist. Favorite technique is pastel
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To draw is to create your second world, starting from what the eyes see, looking for harmony in lines and color, and walking towards this dream-harmony the way a donkey follows a tied carrot, and sometimes taking off like a blue bird and gaining the happiness of creative flight. Despite such a poetic pseudonym, my artistic life develops not in powdery pink colors, but in a variety of ways.

My favorite technique is pastel, combining the beauty of graphic lines and color for me. I love working from nature and rethinking what I saw in compositions, perhaps this can be defined as symbolism, because I consider only realistic sketches to be an intermediate stage for work. I know that the temperament of the artist is manifested in the works, I resigned myself to the fact that my most tender work will still look active, stormy in its inner content and mystical.

I was fortunate enough to study at two universities: in 1986 I graduated from the graphic arts faculty of Vitebsk State University, and at 2014 - Faculty of Graphic Design, Belarusian State Academy of Arts. I consider myself an artist of the Vitebsk school, I love and hopefully understand Chagall and Malevich.


Participant of republican exhibitions and plein airs (IX plein air of the Art-Rain Union of Artists (Belarus), and, in particular, dedicated to Ferdinand Ruschitz, as well as international plein airs and biennials: 2013 –2019 - International plein airs Konsna Dolna, Pulawy, Tarnow, Tuchów, Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Ostroda, Novica, Narew (Poland), plein air CX (Montenegro), Biržai, Vilnius, Shiluve, Zeimelis (Lithuania), Liepaja (Latvia).

Artist’s collection

A Church
$ 375.00 CAD
October Sun
$ 450.00 CAD
Water Lilies
$ 600.00 CAD
This Summer Sunset
$ 375.00 CAD
$ 375.00 CAD
May Garden
$ 600.00 CAD
$ 600.00 CAD
Sapieha Palace
$ 420.00 CAD
Golden Venice
$ 975.00 CAD
Red Pines
$ 375.00 CAD