Julien Claustre

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Julien Claustre's journey begins with his journey through the history of art. His journey is interior and speaks to us both.

Drawing is his original language from which color derives; travels shape his gaze, his knowledge thus takes form. The search for matter and line expresses a spiritual narrative, a sensitive and reasoned story. The work motionless lets the other's gaze flow to a sensitivity expressed with the heart. The representation of the infinite star is its energy. The discovery of his emotional language is structured in an intimate codex, a grammar personal.

His works outline a unification of research to bring true emotion to life. In each work there is a soul, the seeker creates an infinite journey, like an alchemist enriched by his encounters beyond the canvas. The artist offers a mythology, a phantasmagoria, mirrors of its identity.

In height, sensitive and reflected, the light of his work invites to discover his universe made of amazed visions.

Questioning is necessary to know yourself. It is this path that Julien Claustre wants to take by using painting as writing.

By seeking answers in the arcana of the Tarot or in the discovery of alchemy with moonlighting but also in Plato's cave, he gives us through his paintings the possibility of sharing his universal discoveries. This mixture interrogations allows him to keep his poetic imagination, his very essence. This sensitivity married to a spiritual knowledge transports us to the utopia of a world that seeks to be balanced. Is it nostalgia for a place lost with the great architecture of the universe that man feels without always being able to express it? Him tries to to do with his tools that are painting, sculpture and drawing.

There are several readings in his work as a painter, many signs are hidden there, he encourages us and invites us to to discover. His daring colors, thrown in a quick and instinctive movement, give his paintings a feeling of energy, of life to which intuition is no stranger.

It is his world that he gives us to see, feel and understand. His paintings are mirrors of our sensitivity human.


  • 2022 - Artospheria Gallery
  • 2020 / 2021 - Codex research
  • 2019 - Champs-Elysées, Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe, Saint-Pétersbourg The Museum of St. Petersburg Art 20th-21st centuries
  • 2018 - Film/ Documentaire Exposition Vadodara India Exposition Ahmedabad India
  • 2017 - Musée Tcherkassy Exposition Atelier
  • 2016 - Alliance Française Panthéon Paris
  • 2015 - Exposition permanente Atelier
  • 2014 - Croix-Rouge, Le Mathurin Paris
  • 2013 - Place des Vosges Paris Abbesse Paris
  • 2012 - Collections privées Expositions internationales
  • 2011 - Lloyd’s Paris Collections privées
  • 1993-1999 - Intègre l’école internationale Emile Cohl Peinture/Dessin/Sculpture/Histoire de l’art Promotion R. Topor

Artist’s collection

3 V
$ 2,700.00 CAD
Paris Night
$ 3,000.00 CAD
Jazz 2
$ 1,500.00 CAD
Wash House
$ 3,450.00 CAD